Website additions for the week ending 17 November 2019.



This week in films, there are three additions. The first highlights prostate cancer which has a high prevalence amongst Black African and Caribbean men with them being up to 3 times more likely than other ethnic minority group to be affected in the UK.

Secondly there is a fascinating delivery by Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao who gives an unconventional lecture on the legacy of colonisation and how African countries continue to feel the economic impact of western policies.

Thirdly there is a look at what it is like to be Black in Germany, a perspective shared by Jana Pareigis, a news anchor of mixed heritage. She discusses the inability for many people to comprehend the possibility of a non-white German.


The first of the articles assess whether Black and minority ethnic staff in the NHS were over-represented in disciplinary procedures.

The next article gives a flavour of different traditional Caribbean dances and how they are often rooted with African origins but influenced by other cultures.

The third article brings an insight of the remarkable items recovered through archaeological digs on the Croix estate on U.S. Virgin Islands belonging to enslaved Africans. This gives an opportunity to consider the human stories that might be told throughout the Caribbean estates.

The last article is written by David Lammy MP as he visits Kenya and Tanzania as a site of remembrance for some of the many thousands of African war dead who served in WW1 and how they are now absent from historical dialogue.


For the books there are four fictional entries from Dreda Say Mitchell, Bernardine Evaristo, Patrice Lawrence and Irenosen Okojie.

This week’s additions


  • 3 Films (Prostate Cancer, legacy of colonisation, Black Germans)
  • 4 Articles (Ethnicity and discipline in NHS, Caribbean dances, archaeological digs on Caribbean estates, African war dead)


  • 4 Fiction (Mitchell, Evaristo, Lawrence, Okojie)