More updates to share with you this week.



A link to an open and honest discussion about the experiences of Black men. Here Akala, Shane Ryan, Topher Campbell and Ekow Eshun reflect on their experiences which arguably are not unique to them but bring a great insight as to how internal and external impacts impinge on their lives. It looks at the issues of stereotypes, colonial histories and economic power.

Secondly, a short film about maternal mortality has been added which gives several first-hand accounts.

Another significant addition which comprises a host of programmes to watch is that of the BBC Black British History. These are mainly programmes which have been shown during BH seasons covering a breadth of themes shown over the years.


Two podcasts are shared, the first of which looks at the social inequalities that served to create the environment that allowed the Grenfell tragedy to occur and the responses to that tragedy which still has much to address. A second podcast looks at the issue of racism and how there is now a growing trend towards anti-bias or unconscious-bias training.


Firstly, an article sparked by a comment made by Meghan Markle following her expression of surprise about the absence of Black history in the curriculum and also the lack of Black professors in Britain. This article has 10 experts sharing their views on how these issues might be addressed.

Secondly, an article about whether museums should return treasure which originated from other countries.

Thirdly, an excerpt by Shane Bauer about his book that outlines the evolution of American prisons from the antebellum era where Black men were incarcerated in a system that was arguably similar to slavery. He outlines the continued use of forced labour which replaced slavery to the present day where prisoners are still used for institutional profit.


One entry for the news page; the Black Youth Project which concentrates on youth culture.

This week’s new additions:


  • 4 Non-Fiction (Blackmon, Bonilla-Silva, Saini, Bauer – also see article)


  • 3 Films (maternal mortality, Being a Black Man, Black British History)
  • 3 Articles (Museums, Decolonise, Prison Slavery)
  • 1 News page (Black Youth Project)
  • 2 Podcasts (Grenfell, unconscious bias)