It has been a busy week, but we are able to bring you new additions. Some of these have been suggested by people who have been in touch which is great – more please!

New additions


  • Historycal Roots
  • The Institute for Black Atlantic Research
  • Wired UK
  • Young Historians Project


Boakye, Bundock, Carretta, Draper, Gopal, Jones, Lindfors, Sherwood (2).

Your feedback

We are delighted to have received many enthusiastic comments and messages of encouragement within days of releasing the website and we thank those of you who have followed us on Twitter. It’s wonderful to know that we have hit the mark with sentiments such as:

  • “This (website) will be very important”
  • “Extremely useful”
  • “Fabulous resource”
  • “Fantastic – beautifully displayed with some important links”
  • “Really approachable, it’s excellent”
  • “Images are terrific and well chosen”
  • “What a great idea, beautifully produced, joined up thinking”
  • “Will share with like-minded friends”

Ubele Initiative

We welcome contact from everyone and whilst some do not fit into the criteria of a shared narrative, there are groups who are doing important work. One organisation who have been in touch certainly need to be known and we take this opportunity to make you aware of their amazing work.

The Ubele Initiative is an African diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise founded in 2014. Their primary mission is to help build more sustainable communities across the UK. They take a community-based approach and have a culturally diverse team and support a wide range of communities, community-based organisations and groups.

Ubele designs and delivers local, regional, national projects and international programmes as well as being involved in London regional policy initiatives and campaigns. They are driven by the fact that despite the long presence of Black people in the UK, deep social issues continue to have an impact on communities especially as Governmental policies shift towards individual and community reliance. They currently have contact with initiatives in the areas across the UK.

We are impressed and would also like to thank Ubele for their kind words of encouragement for 960 Collective:

“This is a long overdue platform – very well done for taking the initiative to create it!”