In the news this week have been some interesting issues which have included the perennial discussions of racism in football, highlighted by the Twitter attacks on Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba following their recent penalty misses for Manchester United. It is therefore a good opportunity to revisit this excellent assessment by John Barnes which was aired after a high profile incident involving Raheem Sterling last year. Will this be another occasion of pointless rhetoric or effective action?

Staying with the football theme it will be interesting to know within the ranks of the game itself what impact the Rooney rule will make on increasing the presence of black managers in the upper echelons of the sport after its introduction this year.

In other news, Glasgow University is to partner with the University of the West Indies as they examine the past contributions of donors who have derived their wealth by the profits of slavery. This heralds the beginning of a drive towards universities looking at the past with a moral compass. A new article on this subject can be found in Publications.

Along with some of the links to the above in this week’s additions is one that particularly surprised me which is the ‘True size of Africa’ article by Kai Krause which came to my notice thanks to a tweet by Pan African Thought – amazing facts!

Thanks also to Allison Edwards and Audrey Dewjee for their article suggestions. We are very grateful and would encourage more contributions.

This week’s additions


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Image: Queen’s Head by Tamuka Gorerino