We have done a bit of re-jigging along with further additions this week.
You will now find a new Books tab which features a list of fiction and non-fiction reads. The list of fiction writers starts with 42 authors, by no means definitive but it will grow. Whilst the sense of belonging is defined by the individual, I have included a country of heritage where I can find it just for interest.

The fiction addition came about through a conversation with a friend about decolonising the curriculum and how in the past many young people are presented with a very limited choice of classic English authors (usually male) writing with a distinctly Eurocentric slant. It made sense then to introduce a list of fiction writers who offered the opportunity to read works which depicted a broader range of characters within their stories.

Toni Morrison was already on the list as news of her sad passing came to light last week. A great insight about her life and literary standing are shared in the links which appear here.

Other additions include:

  • 2 films (BBC ideas and TED Global)
  • 4 podcast additions from BBC Radio 4 (Andrews, Carlisle, Johns, various)
  • 2 news pages (The Root and Super.Selected)
  • 3 new Directory additions: New Books Network, Experience Africa, World Atlas
  • 1 new article on Afrocentrism
  • 2 non-fiction books (Andrews, Coates)