If you have stumbled onto this, please take time to explore this evolving website which has the first wave of links to enable you to learn more about Africa and her descendants. Hopefully there will be something here you haven’t previously come across which will both inform and stimulate future interest.

It may seem a generalisation but there are countless examples of nations celebrating their own achievements without fully recognising the contributions of others to that success.

The 2011 Census showed that Britain had an ethnic minority population of less than 14% and yet the cultural influence of that minority is amplified in a way beyond the statistics. For example, Black culture has been embedded in the history of many nations for centuries whether taken, shared or appropriated.

So why is it that the knowledge and opportunity to learn about Black history and contributions to society is muted, actively discouraged and underrepresented in the day to day? It happens in education, in the media, in organisations and in all manner of subtle intangible ways. The tendency towards being selective in how we recall events drives us into the direction of ‘othering’ with some people losing their sense of belonging, feeling displaced and forgotten.

For many minority groups in the UK the lack of opportunity to contextualise themselves within their environment together with the absence of knowledge that would foster pride in their own heritage has become their reality. This and the myriad of complex factors linked to institutional misconceptions must go some way towards the prevalence of minority groups in the mental health system.

960 collective is a tiny gesture towards the need for a wider discourse to inform about Black historical and contemporary narratives by looking at Africa and her descendants. This website offers a space to navigate through links and explore this theme via a virtual library.

We have scouted around to find some of what is available. There is no agenda here, but simply a platform to enable a greater visibility of various websites which will hopefully provide an insight into the events and ideas that continue to shape us today.

We are happy to be contacted by owners of the website and replace our illustration with their logos or whatever the site owners want to be represented by. In this digital age there is a wealth of Black narratives so 960 Collective will grow and we very much welcome your suggestions for further links – let us know your thoughts.

So, delve in, head to the Directory page and start exploring!

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